In the workshops I lead for children, young people and grownups I try to give everyone a feeling for their potential and a vision that they can achieve something outstanding – if only they are courageous.

Whether it is the challenge of creating a very large piece of art that exceeds the usual format or a collaborative project that people work on together in teams: it is the work on the piece that counts, the process and the inspiration that draws everybody into a flow of artistic expression. The outcome is then almost inevitably fascinating and breath taking.

I first try to inspire the group through an idea that boosts everybody´s imagination, something that ties people together in a shared challenge and encourages each person to go beyond their boundaries. And then there is something like a magic moment: this is when we realize that the piece we are working on shows its two faces. There is the big context, the shared achievement everyone is so proud of – but within the piece one can see each artist´s signature, the bit they have each contributed to form the exceptional, the unexpected, the unbelievable.

It is this kind of experience that creates the desire to go for the next art challenge, to find out that limits can be pushed and great things are within reach.